Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visual Development for "The Little Prince"

3 Moment Paintings. 

The little prince travels around seven different planets and encounters various 'adults' who are rigid, narrow-minded, and unimaginative.  On the sixth planet, the little prince meets a strict and stubborn Geographer who refuses to leave his desk.  The Geographer is proud of his mundane life in writing numerous books based on an explorer's experience.

The little prince approaches cautiously to the open door that invites him in. 

The little prince raises his hand eagerly as the Geographer asks him what his planet consists of?

The Fox is introduced during the little prince's last journey.  Through the idea of "taming," the little prince realizes that the rose he took care of in his planet is more unique and precious than the one he sees.

Sketchbook drawings *gasp*

I guess you may take a peek...

"Napkin. aka spontaneous genius sketch paper"

At Borders.


That's pretty cool...

because it invited me to sketch on.

Trees and Trees

(PITT/Sharpie pen, Copic marker, gel pen) 

(pen, pen, and pen)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At last! some Vitamin D.....

The following paintings were initially done in Gouache
and finished in Photoshop.

Mimicking Style

Visit the newly built play area located next to Burger Planet.
(In the style of William Joyce)

A mysterious haunted mansion brings attention to all visitors of the English Garden.
(In the style of Kay Nielsen)

Max and his studio inside of an Oak tree.
(In the style of 101 Dalmatians)

1950.  The streets of London after the rain.
(In the style of 101 Dalmatians)

Charlie Harper inspired CD cover designs

Artist: Frederic Chopin

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Friday, May 6, 2011

How about some figures?

Tunes & Fumes

Some friends and I hung out in the cold garage couple months back
and these were the results : 

Thrifty Shoes  (16x20 ) 

Gotta Catch'em All!  (16 x 20 )

Sketching with PENS, yikes...!

With a warm smile he said,
"Hi, I'm Norm. I don't see why you can't come sketch with us."

Thank you for being so nice and
for giving me the opportunity to go sketch
during your last Dynamic Sketching class.

lol, my animals look so stupid..
esp the one that's hanging out on the top left corner

I Love Gary Meyer!

He is probably one of the few instructors
who would take the time to write down
a very meticulous & constructive critique
on a yellow 'Post-it' notepad.

I always looked forward to read Gary's notes
that was neatly posted at the bottom corner of my paintings.


Color Theory

Characters & Key Scenes for : Moulin Rouge

Frankly, this class was quite a struggle 
but I definitely learned a lot. 

Layout? What's a layout?

Oh.. you mean,
just draw a bunch of stuff
and consider 'big med small' simultaneously?...

I loved the class, 'Sketching For Entertainment' 
even though I didn't know what was going on initially.

What does your attic look like?

Spending Halloween on the Mississippi River with my favorite raft