Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portraits with David Luce!

Thanks David for convincing me to stay in the class the entire term.
(Even though I was literally sleep painting every.ahem.week...)

Definitely one of the best classes I took!

Sleepy models....I felt your pain.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Background paintings for The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Value/color studies & 5 final paintings (enjoy!)

Santiago is a boy who lives in the Andalusian town.  Instead of studying language and religion, he decides to become a shepherd since travelling is his ultimate dream.  His journey to Egypt begins when he meets an old lady, a dream interpreter, who tells him to go find his “hidden treasure” at the Pyramids in Egypt.

Along his way, he encounters a strange old man named Melchidezek who speaks of signs and omens.  Santiago learns the importance in achieving the “Personal Legend”: something that an individual is longing to achieve.

(we had to take an abstract painting we did in class and turn it into a composition...somehow)

Just as Santiago considers giving up searching for his "treasure" he encounters a crystal merchant who hires him temporarily.  Instead of going back to the Andalusian town with the money earned from cleaning crystal glasses, Santiago is enthusiastic and motivated to follow his dream once again when he hears about crystal merchant's neglected dreams.

(last minute changes in composition)


When the boy meets Fatima, a beautiful Arabian woman, he learns the most important part of language that the entire world speaks and understands: love.  She encourages Santiago to leave her to follow his dreams because someday she is confident that he will come see her.

(experimenting with different styles...)

Santiago realizes that living out the “Personal Legend” was the “hidden treasure” he was looking for throughout his journey.  His journey to Egypt was a significant experience because his heart spoke to him.  Provided him a stimulus, gave him strength, courage, enthusiasm, faith, and love.